Who repairs your sink? Bathrooms, Ceilings and leakages?

I know the answer would be simple, Landlord. But what if they aren’t cooperating? Well we all know how Kenyan landlords act this is not new to you is it?

In a perfect suburb like Karen, Kileleshwa or Kilimani most of the time your landlord will fix everything without any issue and on time but what if that doesn’t happen?

Here are some of the tips to get your landlord handle repair issues quickly and on time

  • Read your lease: Many Kenyans take leases for granted, in fact I have seen many of them who do not even know what is written in there, if you are doubting what your landlord should or should not do then revisit your lease (I hope you never threw it to the dustbin)
  • Report even the smallest issues: Do not assume the small leaks with temporary solutions, it could be a serious problem later on. Always let your landlord know about any issue as soon as you notice them.
  • Do it in writing: Sometimes landlords need courtesy and respect, you cannot ambush them when they are with their families or friends. Send them via email with a date and stamp then wait for a reply, keep a copy of the same on hard copy.
  • Get Insurance: Incase of fire, house accidents or anything going south what will you do? Most of the time landlords do not take responsibility and therefore do not let their negligence dictate what you should do to protect your property. Insurance packages in Kenya are so many and can be purchased online.
  • Get help from The Urban Landlords & Tenants Association of Kenya (ULTAK): Get help from ULTRAK, they can be able to provide you with the next cause of action if your landlord is not responding to your issues.

That’s it folks. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us through comments, mails and messages.