Africa’s 5th largest city and Kenya’s capital city Nairobi houses over 3.5 million people with 60 percent of them living in slums while the rest in middle class and just a few fitting upper class.

Nairobi needs the middle class, it needs Doctors, Engineers, Accountants etc, yet still if people have the well paying jobs like those ones they find it difficult to pay the rising costs of housing near the places they work. Housing costs in Nairobi have grown more than any town in Kenya.

The real cause for the rising costs of housing in Nairobi is simply demand and supply rates. There are a few units in the city against a huge demand lined up.

However even though the city is becoming unaffordable there’s still an intense desire for people to move in here due to available opportunities.

In addition a lot of people working in Nairobi desire to work near their homes, a walking distance preferably.

If you’re in an average, middle class-paying job, buying a home in Nairobi with your current employment isn’t realistic at all unless it is under 500 square feet.

The high cost of living can make it hard for middle-class residents to make ends meet.

So, why shouldn’t we have a city just for wealthy people, and suburbs and rural areas for people who are not?


The middle class should be able to afford housing units in Nairobi without incurring burdens and stress on commuting. With Kenya’s demand and supply problem not getting any better soon, there are steps real estate players and the government should take to salvage the situation.

Nairobi needs to add more units and stop pushing people out and having only a city for the rich, this will probably ruin the city.

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