Loitokitok or simply Oloitokitok is a town in Kajiado south east of Nairobi with a village well known for pastoralism and farming. Development is picking up in the area all the way from Emali, Kimana and Oloitokitok town, this is part of the reason Real Estate developers have been flocking the area since 2016.

Here are some of the reasons you should think of buying land in Oloitokitok:

  • Rapidly growing ecotourism: Oloitokitok is an area of two connecting worlds Tanzania and Kenya. Here you can capitalize on Tourism since the place is the center of East Africa’s beautiful Parks and Reserves from Amboseli National Park to Tsavo National Park then all the way to Kilimanjaro National Park. Think of investing? Think of ecotourism
  • Farming: Onions in Nairobi markets are grown in Oloitoktok together with tomatoes and water melons. The climate here is good for growing the above cash crops.
  • Housing demand- As this small town at the footprints of Mt Kilimanjaro continues to grow there’s demand for affordable and better housing. There’s a great potential for real estate to sprout in this area as people are seeking to move far away from the city.
  • Affordable land: As part of any growing location, land is key to growth and therefore buying land in Oloitokitok is a plus for you in that you will spend less and get value for your money in a short period of time. From as little as Ksh 150,000 you can own a quarter of land in this region.

Need to invest now? Talk to Myspace Properties Team  55 Acres of prime land subdivided into quarters up for sale in Oloitokitok near Satao Lodge and just 3KM from Kimana center.