Nakuru is fast becoming one of the ideal places to live in away from the busy Nairobi and Mombasa. 

Nakuru presents a lot of great things from the growing job opportunities, better roads and wonderful places, you can choose to live in Nakuru town, Rongai, Mawanga, Lanet, Ngata, Naka, Elementatita, Kiamunyi and Barnabas. 

Therefore you should look into buying land or a house in Nakuru as soon as possible. 

Here are some of the key benefits of purchasing a house or plot in Nakuru:

  • Lots of great places to live in:  As stated earlier in the post, there isn’t much distance between the Town and some of the smaller villages on the outskirts. So you can choose to live centrally, perhaps in a flat. Or you can decide to live a little out of the way, in a more rural neighborhood like the quiet Rongai. 
  • Boosted Economy: There have been a lot of investments in Nakuru lately in the last 5 years.  Residents have noticed new, modern buildings go up month after month. And this is a good sign of a strong economy. With more office buildings and other outlets, there are lots of opportunities created. Which makes it an appealing place to live.
  • In 6 words “It’s a Great Place to Live”: From the Menengai Crater, the views of Mt Longonot, Lake Naivasha a few KM away and Nakuru National Park also a few KM away from home I truly believe this is one of the finest places to live in the country. Which is the main reason you should buy a property here, so you can experience this for yourself? There’s more to this place than this blog post actually.
  • Affordable housing market: The property market in Nakuru is not yet exaggerated like Nairobi and Mombasa From flats and terraces, to detached and semi-detached houses and also Land.  

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