Have you just started a small business, side-hustle or freelance work? Then you might want to consider coworking at first. Let’s dig dip into some of the advantages of coworking:

  • Coworking gives people ample networking opportunities in the sense that you can be able to interact with people from different industries or organizations.
  • Coworking makes people socially connected in such a setup which in-turn boosts productivity and morale
  • Less distractions compared to working from home e.g No couch to lie, no temptation for naps, no TV and toddlers
  • You might also find it easier to hire talents to join your company just from the Coworking office making it easier.
  • Buying or renting an office is expensive, including costs such as furniture and equipment but with Coworking you will surely save more.
  • No need for lease signing before using one

Where else would you get productivity, less costs and employee morale at the same time? Coworking is rapidly evolving due to it’s powerful benefits to Freelancers, Small business owners and remote employees.


The future is bright for coworking spaces in Kenya.