Looking for extra cash this holiday season? Then this is for you. Investing in the property market has remained the surest way to increase your profit margins and reduce risks. 

Today on the know we are giving you 3 reasons why you should  invest in a buy-to-let property: 

  • It is a long term investment: The real estate market in Kenya is always growing and therefore buying a property means after a few years it will have appreciated no matter the market’s up’s and down’s. Therefore rent prices might be low when starting but be sure you will reap profits as time goes. 
  • Income generation: At-least at the end of each month you will have something to smile about on your bank account after you rent out your property. This can also help you offset loans and mortgages you used to acquire the property other than just buying and living on it. 
  • You can also offset costs against tax: Each tax year you will need to fill in a Self-Assessment Tax Return for HMRC and pay a tax bill, but you can offset some of the cost against tax.