Applying for a mortgage can be a stressful journey, but through the following steps, the process can be smooth. 

  • Before applying for a mortgage, improve your savings and raise funds for a deposit. 
  • Get help from family or from Government-backed schemes that help first-time buyers
  • Collect valid documents, the following documents will help you go through the process quicker; have a copy of your 3 months payslips, recent copies of utility bills with your name on it, bank statements, Kenyan Id or passport, tax report and if you are self-employed you should provide at least 3 years proof of your worth. 
  • Be prepared to provide more information when needed, Bear in mind that some mortgage providers may request further information from you, but if you use this guide as your starting point, you should have most of what you need to complete your application.

Lastly make sure you double check all the information for errors and don’t be tempted to fish your own figures in order to get the mortgage because this will haunt you later on. In addition kindly be sure to provide original materials or copies which have been certified by a solicitor.

We understand that this process can sometimes be stressful, feel free to talk to us we have helped many buyers step on the property ladder.