We have been receiving several questions from our online community about what they should do on a site a visit since we have always been insisting on site visits before buying land anywhere in Kenya, lets go dip on some of the things you should inquire about when looking for land to buy in rural areas.

  • If I had to sell this property again in a year, is it desirable to other potential buyers?
  • How does the land lay? (slopes, bottom land, elevation change, etc…)
  • How is the property accessed? (Road frontage, deeded easement, etc..)
  • What are the annual property taxes?
  • Can I get a clear title to the property with title insurance?
  • Are there any water features on the property? (rivers, creek, lake, springs)
  • Has the property been surveyed? (Are boundaries marked?)
  • Are there any known environmental concerns or latent defects with the property?
  • Who are the neighbors surrounding the tract?
  • Have the owners received notice from any governmental agency about possible assessments or actions in the near future that would affect this property? Do you know the laws of Kenya on Land?

This list can even be larger but these are some of the basic things you need to know before committing any deposit or involving any money. Objectives of the buyer are based on whether you are an investor, hunter, farmer or a developer, that is why it is very important to engage competent real estate agents like Myspace Properties when purchasing rural areas property. Having someone to hold your hand through out the entire process can save you thousands of shillings.

Remember this list can also apply to buying land in the City like Nairobi, Mombasa and other cities, but caution must be taken when engaging agents in these areas.