It’s a new year again, take your pen and paper folks if owning a home is part of your 2019 resolutions. We have to be real right? Nothing comes for free with no sacrifice therefore here are some guidelines you should follow to own a home before December 2019:

  • Save Save for your down payment : Are you willing to give up on some nice-to-haves for your must-to-haves? Set a saving goal and deadline for this. Cut off unnecessary expenses for other alternatives e.g carrying your lunch to work, not buying new clothes and no partying until this goal is achieved 100%
  • Be on the lookout : You need to be up to date with current market offers, new listings and trends in the real estate market. Good deals often sell very fast!
  • Have a good credit rating : It’s 2019 stay free off debt and pay your loans in time to avoid bad credit scores. This is what lending institutions will use to give you Mortgages if need be.
  • Find a trusted real estate company : It’s very important to seek professional help from a trusted real estate broker, take advantage of their industry knowledge and let them negotiate on your behalf. This will save you thousands of cash and did you know that it’s the seller who pays them not you? therefore it’s a win win!
  • Request for pre-approval : Make sure you get a pre-approval from your bank or mortgage broker early enough, this will help you not miss out on hot offers and also beat competition from other willing buyers

That’s it folks. Let’s get it this year!