Myspace Properties, real estate and property firm, has given blankets, masks and food items to the street families that live under the bridge in Westlands Nairobi to help them deal with coronavirus pandemic and the curfew that demands they stay ‘indoors’ from 7:00 PM-5:00AM. At least 100 street families benefited from the real estate developer’s first phase of Covid-19 epidemic donation. The company bought at least 100 new blankets, masks, bread, milk and among other food stuffs that were given to the street families. Since the confirmation of the first case of coronavirus in Kenya life hasn’t been normal to everyone irrespective of their status in their society. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is currently living in fear. When the curfew was announced businesses and normal life for almost every citizen was interrupted both the have and have nots have found it rough. The most hit with this curfew are the homeless and street families.

In a video that went viral calling, the street boys were heard pleading to well-wishers to give them blankets, food stuffs, masks and other essential items that will help them in this tragic time. Some of the boys in the video said they are from South Sudan and Burundi. Most of them ran away from harsh conditions in their countries and currently live in the streets. With the curfew most families like this needs basic items such as food stuff, Pads, Tissue, Soap, mouth wash, gloves, Dippers among others.

The CEO Myspace Properties, Mwenda Thuranira said, “We are sharing what we have not because we have a lot but it is in the spirit of giving and caring for one another. Most hardly hit during this difficult times of coronavirus and curfew are the vulnerable street children without food and shelter. Having seen the video in the social media we came to support them. We encourage other well-wishers who can spare a meal or two to stand with a needy family during this tragic times.”

“Every citizen’s participation in mitigating coronavirus is an obligation that cannot be disregarded so that our country remains an icon of health and prosperity in the region. As citizens of the global village, it will be reckless if we just sit on the fence panic, close our eyes to facts or fail to play our part and expect the government on its own to do everything for us. This is the time that we should come together and overcome this enemy called Covid-19,” he added.

Myspace Properties has engaged in such charity work before in Mombasa’s Coast General, Matopeni Slum, Nyumba Ya Wazee and in Kilifi country during hunger crisis.

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