“Oops! Jane what happened to the tap? The water is not coming out…This Nairobi… I cannot believe am out of water again for the second time this week. You know I wish I had it all together because My son is in the living room crying on top of his lungs after Mitchel her cousin grabbed all his toys and painted them black with mark pen. Yesterday was a hectic day for Me and that explains why I forgot the pens in the room. I had brunch with Joyce, my old-time friend from Nakuru and later on headed to Uhuru market to buy My younger brothers’ school uniform. By the way! do you know that it is mandatory in his school to buy uniform from specific shops? Ahaa…long gone are the days we used to have our own tailors. This generation can never understand our struggles, I think they need to have their own play zone area, they get naughty almost every week. Did I also tell you that Emmanuel joined swimming classes in his school and has been tasked by his teacher to have a recorded swimming session with me? It never struck my mind that these apartments had no swimming pool, am deeply in trouble. Jane, hand me over the yoga mat.” says Ann

For hours I deeply ignored my sister and continued working on my proposal. It was due to be submitted and I just had no time to cast away. Ann has always been complaining ever since she moved into this apartment and I am certain that next month will definitely be unbearable for her to live here. I look at her and she glares at me saying, “I said get Me the Yoga mat, Jane.” I guess I heard from somewhere obedience is better, or is it best, just forget about it. I get up head towards the master bedroom and grab her mat, hand it over to her as she makes her way out of the house. Lately, she has been doing yoga at the yard, it is discouraging to see her struggle to focus as moving cars pass by every minute. Her two boys, Emmanuel and Mark have made it impossible for her to do yoga indoors. Last week, they pleaded their mom to engage in yoga with them only to end up laughing in the breathing stage. Mitchel came along with her parents from the United States for a family visit and resisted going back abroad after they had bonded so well with Mark my younger sisters’ kid. I have noticed that these events have been too overwhelming for Ann and sometimes she needs an escape area. Yoga has always helped her foster harmony in the body, mind and environment since childhood, something she is missing. A good yoga area would serve her well during this trying time of her life.

I am planning to soon move in with my husband in Kilimani. Our choice for an apartment has been a big highlight, we do not want to make mistakes we have seen couples make when it comes to settling for a house. Last year, we visited our friends for luncheon over a newly born baby. No sooner had the wife finished narrating her experience then the lights went out. The next thing I remember was hearing the baby screaming out loud, this went on for about fifteen minutes. Till date the screams remain engraved in our minds and every time we are looking for a home, we have prioritized power back up incase power blacks out. We discussed with Courtney that a gym would serve us well since we are young and energetic. If you know me then you are allowed to laugh, am working on my weight and height too. A swimming pool is also an additional factor to us, how will we be able to make recorded swimming sessions with our children? Am just not willing to pay for a facility that ought to be present in my home. I also do yoga, it runs in our family and that marks my need for a yoga area. My late father taught me yoga helps one to live a balanced life, who would not want one?

We landed on a brochure that was titled “Silverstone Kilimani” as we were headed to town. Kenyans have always had a way of marketing things through brochures for example; events, launches, restaurants and companies. Amazingly our prayer had been answered, this was not just a brochure to us, it was what we needed. Have you ever been in need of something and then out of the blues your answer shows up when you list expect it? All our needs had been met beyond our expectations by the apartments. A borehole that serves as back up was available, an entertainment area, a three high speed lift, a swimming pool, a gym, children play zone, a yoga area and a full power back up to be specific. Stop laughing, I just want to ensure my future kid doesn’t scream in the dark as my friends’. I am moving in next week with my hubby at Silverstone. Am happy that quickmart is open 24/7 and is just minutes away from the apartments. I know you all want to label me as a foody, am watching my weight pals as I earlier on said. Wow! I realized that driving to work is nearer, Upper Hill has been brought closer to home. My naughty self says, I should sometime get a nap from home during the day. Let it slide, what about Yaya Centre shopping mall? My friend Abishag has forever had excuses as to why she is not attending a shopping errand, she always complains of distance. I know for a while she has influenced me greatly; I no longer go to shop. This is a new experience for me, I promise to shop at Yaya. One of my biggest fear is falling ill and not getting faster to a Medical Centre. I know that from henceforth I have to let go of that fear because Nairobi Hospital is just few minutes away. Silverstone has helped Courtney and I overcome the fear of moving in together. I will keep you all posted when our babies laugh even after a power black-out since they know within a second the lights will be back. And yes, with a bang!