Many Kenyans believe that building a home is extremely expensive, well we can argue about that here but still you can be able to construct your house from scratch with 30% off what you would have spent. Here are the secrets to building your home on a tight budget in Kenya, hold your breath and take a notebook:

  • Write down your budget: It would only be wise if you estimate the amount you will need to construct your home. Consult various industry retailers on rates of e.g Cement, Sand, Iron sheets, stones for you to know how much you will spend. Stick to buying these raw materials on whole sale.
  • Choose simple designs: We all want to live in good bungalows, mansions and townhouses but that comes at a cost, choose a simple design that will not cost you much, e.g avoid cathedral ceilings and complicated roof-lines.
  • Recycle materials: Recycling will not only be environmental friendly but also economical to your home project. Recycle things like Nails, Cement composites etc.
  • Invest in quality: Yes there are other things you can leave out of your budget but don’t be fooled by the hype around, invest in quality materials that will make your home survive all the tests, this will make it affordable for you to maintain it at the long run.
  • Consult a realtor: Building on a tight budget can be tempting for you, which makes you think of skipping working with a pro in the industry – a huge mistake which you should avoid. Industry experts have money-saving ideas to help fit your budget appropriately. Therefore do not skip that consultant unless they give you exaggerated figures.
  • Find an ideal location: Find a location close to the facilities you will need but also consider pricing. Buying a plot in Nairobi for example is at Ksh 4m to Ksh 7m currently before you add construction costs. Find an ideal location where land is affordable and don’t fall for city crooks.
  • Provide your own materials: Utilize the little you have from using your own water sources, get timber from your land (If you had planted), some old stones lying idle there and so forth. It will save you a lot of money.

As you can see, building your own home on a budget isn’t as hard as you might think – what it really comes down to is having patience, creativity, and a willingness to explore your options.

If you have more questions kindly get in touch with us today. Cheers!