In the long time running Myspace Properties through CEO Mwenda Thuranira has been engaging with schools and the society at large in a bid to motivate, help and push the entrepreneurship spirit to the young generation.

In the true spirit of humanity, Myspace has reached out to various schools across the country to extend a hand in naturing talents and inspiring the next crop of top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs.

Some of the schools reached include Potris School of the disabled, Burieruri high school, Matopeni in Kongowea and Gikumene Girls High School among others.

In some of the schools Myspace Properties has engaged in Mentoring, Awarding, donating and sponsoring key events e.g The Stop Jigger Campaign in Kilifi.

Mr Mwenda Thuranira who is the pioneer of this initiate reiterates that giving back to the society is not an option but a necessity to each one of us.

Thuranira who was recently nominated as a member of School Board of Managemet (BOM) in Gikumene Girls High School for the term 2019-2023 is also a Patron and an old boy of Burieruri Boys Secondary School where he is an active Alumni and mentor to the students.

Additionally Myspace is also spreading the entrepreneurship spirit in the sleepy villages of Meru in a bid to share experience and encourage the youth to pursue self employment opportunities courtesy of the CEO.

Watch out! we are coming to your village or school soon.