Landlords are known to get rich in their sleep while we pay them rent on 30th or 5th of every month (Actually I pay on 5th) or else you meet his sad fence and a padlock in his hand the next day especially our Nairobi landlords.

Anyway, we pay them each month but what about us? We got them, here are 5 ways a landlord has to pay a tenant some money. 

  • Pay the tenant to move out – This is normally known as “Cash for Keys” The landlord pays the tenant to move out of the house e.g when the tenant is not paying rent, tenant actions are causing the landlord money or when the landlord purchases a new property. The tenant should not be harassed or be forced for the Cash to Keys agreement. 
  • Pay for Tenant’s Lawyer – If a landlord loses in landlord-tenant court, he or she may be responsible for paying for the tenant’s attorney’s fees 
  • Pay for Tenants court fees – In addition to losing in court, the landlord will also pay the Tenant’s court fees including filing, postage, Court Transcripts, etc. 
  • Pay the tenant for repairs – The landlord may pay the tenant for repair works when he/she is not in town or available to do it. In addition, the landlord can also refund the tenant if he/she paid for repairs directly.
  • Security deposit – When a tenant is leaving he/she has to be refunded their deposit as long as the contract has not been breached. Majority of Kenyan landlord cause problems when it comes to this matter but you can always report to The Urban Landlords & Tenants Association of Kenya (ULTAK).