Have you ever heard anyone saying “Buying this for my bathroom interior” ? Well very few of us remember to make this important room welcoming enough for us and our guests when we have them. Our Dining and Living rooms are always beautiful and spacious except this place (bathroom), well you do not need to worry anymore here are some hacks to help you get more space in your bathrooms:

  • Add Mirrors: Having mirrors in your bathroom will make you feel you are standing in a spacious room because of reflected light.
  • Hide bathmats: When not using them kindly remove them, they will create more space.
  • Eliminate clutter: It’s as simple as that, when you do not need it just store it somewhere else
  • Go Frame less: Frosted glass breaks up the space making it look smaller, a glass can make the area look frosty and sloppy too.
  • Brighten the room: Make use of natural light from the windows and paint the walls with bright colors. Bright rooms feel spacious than darker ones.
  • Install small cabinets instead of random storage: It will look more organized and leaves you with more space than just being random.
  • Use sliding do: If possible avoid wood in these areas, they are worn out so quickly and seem big occupying more space. Glass sliding doors are recommended.

Small bathrooms aren’t the easiest spaces to work with. They’re usually cramped and crowded, with limited natural light and awkward layouts.

Whether it’s your powder room or your apartment bathroom that’s cramping your style, now you may be having lots of options to sparkle your small room.