New House, New Goals and New Life, that’s how it feels to move into a new home. But do not get carried away by the joy of moving into a new house, hunting for one can be very exciting especially for first timers who have just moved out to live alone or with their partner but again it can be hell on earth if due process is not followed.

Just from the start identify your top priorities before setting out to look for a house to make your hunting experience easier. Here are some of the tips to help you hunt and move successfully with little stress:

  • Come up with a budget and start saving immediately: Before you move, identify how much it will cost eg transport costs, arrangements, deposits, rent etc. If you prefer professional movers then consult one and ask for a rate card, but if your items are very few arrange with your partner on how the items will get there. All this will be covered in your budget, save extra to be secure.
  • Decide on what type of house you are looking for: Looking for Apartments in Nairobi? Apartments in Mombasa or Bungalows in Kitisuru, Kileleshwa, Thika etc? Just decide what amenities you would like to access, plans, kitchen and bedrooms. Once you have this in mind, go back to our number one tip and save money for it.
  • Consult a real estate agent: If the house hunting process is taking toll of you, just consult a real estate agent like Myspace Properties. Real estate agents know most parts of Kenya and most answers will be on their finger tips, they will also give you advice and the best offer to meet your budget needs. But also be careful while engaging one, look out for red flags like not picking phone calls, not replying mails, asking for payments early in the process and delayed viewing appointments.
  • Do site visits yourself: Do not trust those phone calls that tell you how much the house is in demand and that you should make a deposit even before you are on site. Take your time, you still have a home to sleep in the evening right? therefore free up some of your time to access the house and meet the owner in person.
  • Use online property portals: According to statistics about 70% of property searches are done on mobile phones, this reduces time, cost and stress of hunting for a new house. Bookmark some of them like and you will be having total control under your palms.


House hunting should’t be stressful that you can loose sleep over it. Make early arrangements for this process and please be flexible and realistic with your goals because as long as you are still within your budget consider other properties within your location even if they don’t look exactly as to what you wanted.