In a country headed by a common phrase “Everyone for himself and God for us all” Kenyans have lost it when it comes to living and caring for each other, long gone are the days when Tenants in Nairobi, Mombasa or other workable cities in Kenya used to have that touch of true Africans.

Do you know your neighbor? Do you talk and interact? Many tenants overlook this when moving in to rent or buy a home. Here are 5 qualities of a good neighbor (you too should master this):

  • A Good Neighbor is tidy: Have you ever lived with a neighbor next door who doesn’t even care to make the place clean? Dustbins outside and dust along verandas? Even if you lack self-respect, respect the sensitive tastes of others and clean up your act.
  • A Good Neighbor communicates: Don’t wait for screams, sickness or any other disaster to happen so that you can reach out to your neighbors, building a good relationship by communicating often but be careful to stick to your lane too. Address shared interests like fences, drainage etc.
  • A Good neighbor does not gossip: “Muchene” as it’s commonly known with the ladies destroys relationships and neighborhoods. Good neighbors talk about what concerns them, their kids or how they can relate better and solve issues affecting each other. You are no longer in high school for Christ sake!
  • A Good Neighbor helps when asked:  In the past neighbors used to share even the little things like salt, fast forward today very few even talk to each other. Good neighbors share and help each other during stormy times. Do not trust those who tell you “Let me know if you need anything”
  • A Good Neighbor shares their phone number: Sometimes anything can happen and maybe the only person who can help immediately is your neighbor, what will you do if you do not communicate? you should really question why you don’t have your neighbors’ phone numbers.

If you want good neighbors, you’ll first have to become one yourself and don’t forget to get them cookies 🙂