Moving from house A to B at the end of that month might be an interesting adventure since maybe you are moving to a better suburb, more space and amenities among other reasons people give but moving on the other hand can give you sleepless nights if not done correctly. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid when moving out:

  • Not giving yourself enough packing time: You are always in a hurry thinking that you will just throw things under the car in 10 minutes time not considering complicated parts like kitchen and bedroom, insufficient time will stress you instead opt for having enough time to pack like a day or two for a studio/ 1 bedroom and two to three days for 2 bedroom/3 bedroom.
  • Not doing enough research on a moving company: You google some of the best moving companies in Kenya and just clicked on the first result that comes off Google, you are not doing yourself any justice neither your wallet and peace of mind. You should identify verified companies and compare rates before deciding to move.
  • Not getting rid of things you don’t need or use: You have several clothes and shoes you no longer wear either they are torn or old, some old water containers you no longer need and others, it would only be fair if you dispose them at this time. The lesser your stuff the better, resist the urge to carry things you know are no longer helpful to you.
  • Not budgeting correctly: Not budgeting means more money will be taken out of your wallet and can cost you even double the cost of the service. As we said in point two make sure you research these moving companies and compare their rates, choose where your budget falls into and you will not regret the process.
  • Not having essential bags: You throw everything under the truck not minding where essential stuff are, this will frustrate you afterwards looking for items you do not have an idea where they are. It would only be safe to have essential bags for yourself and the family, keep important things like laptops, car keys, chargers, toiletries, change clothes, important documents and items for your pets.

Moving doesn’t need to stressful, plan well and avoid the above mistakes. Although surprises can still happen but at-least all your basics are covered.