The real estate industry in Kenya has consistently grown over time, with cities like Nairobi and Mombasa witnessing economic boost through this continued development. Thousands of agents have been hired and others do it by freelancing in their own homes but other than this good side, Agents have always been perceived wrongly.


Here are 5 common misconceptions about Agents 

  • That they earn lot’s of money quickly – A lot of people think that agents earn lot’s of cash and they are always loaded just because of how they dress or drive that company car or even a friend’s car. The truth is some even go for months with no cash at all, they too get stranded and struggle to survive.
  • That an agent with low commission offers the best service – Many tend to think that agents who posts high prices for your property and charge a little commission are always the best. Not true, an active agent always has a database or list of clients competing for you property and will surely tell you the truth on how much you should sell your property without setting huge demands.
  • That agents are only in it because of the commission – You will agree with me that many people think this way but majority of them are after helping out, solving a problem and making sure people invest and get value in their investments. They are perceived wrongly many times because of this commission issue.
  • That they do anything to close the sale – You will notice this huge perception with people whom their investment went astray or they got conned because of involving wrong and non-licensed real estate agents. Majority of agents care about your money and where you are investing it to, many at times they will even tell you not to put your money in certain places because they want the best for you.
  • That anyone can be a real estate agent – Ask around and you will notice people saying they can do this even with no schooling. They think that being an agent is as simple as getting a house, taking photos and listing it up for sale NO it is more than just that. Many have tried and failed halfway in this industry. It is only for the talented, patient, intelligent and competent people that are able carve in to a successful sales career.

That’s it, now tell us what is your experience with real estate agents? Leave your comment below.