Over the weekend I happened to meet one property owner along Kiambu road, he does not allow agents or taking of pictures he prefers his own signage on the gate to do the work for him. Little did he know the need to hire me (smiles) to help him list the home and conduct an Online Marketing campaign for him.

This is the mistake done by almost 50 percent of property owners in Kenya who think they are saving money or its not different if they do it alone without hiring an agent.

Agents do more than just bring in potential buyers and show up to have documents signed. They know all the ins and outs of both buying and selling a house.

Here are four things you should take into consideration when deciding to get a real estate agent to sell your home:

  • Agents can help you with pricing: It takes time for you to learn the ins and outs of Real Estate, Market trends, the neighborhoods etc. Its only fair if an expert helps you in this so that you won’t overprice your home with emotions attached or under-price it below the market prices.
  • Agents are good negotiators: Having an outsider help on the negotiation table can be a win for you because for them they are not attached to the home emotionally and their main aim is just to sell the home with the best offer possible. Real Estate Agents can give you proper advice and guidance.
  • Experience sums it up: Remember you are not an expert but a home owner unless you have been doing it for years. When considering selling your home or letting it consider how their experience can help you.
  • You are already busy with life, job, family etc – A real estate agent is available full time to attend to phone calls, house tours and even an open day for your property. You can only relax and get informed of the deal while heading to final negotiations.

That’s it folks, More reasons you should talk to Myspace Properties.

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